As we age, many of us become concerned about memory and a potential loss of cognitive skills. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia can add a sense of urgency to this feeling of stress. But there are a number of available approaches and alternative therapies that can help. And, studies have shown that our brains benefit from a regular workout routine.

Simple games like crossword puzzles and word searches are great for honing cognitive abilities. Sudoku and Crytpograms are also great ways to exercise your mind for keeping it fit.

A variety of organizations have curated games and online activities that can help train your brain:

In addition to online games that people can play on their own (via desktop, smartphone or tablet) to help stay sharp, social interaction is an important key to slowing the decline of cognitive functioning, as we reported in our blog piece, Can Adult Day Care and Home Health Care Work Together? As we reported, a study from Berkley found that cognitive decline in seniors over the course of 12 years occurred 70% less in people “with frequent social contact than those with low social activity.”

Whether attending adult day care activities (like taking classes, playing games together, or doing crafts), your home health care team can see to it that you, a friend or a family member has the opportunity to train the brain in fun, engaging, social settings. And the companionship of our trained staff – for playing cards, chess or more – can also help ensure that brain exercise is part of an overall health care management plan.

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