The majority of adults over the age of 50 say they wish to remain at home as they age. Retaining independence can help maintain a positive outlook and benefit overall health, but family members may worry about safety when their loved one lives alone. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. has nurses who can evaluate your loved one to determine what type of technologies could help, given his or her specific situation or condition. Premier aides can then ensure that the technologies are being used correctly and safely within the home. There are a range of technologies today that can help your loved one stay safe at home, which can help put your mind at ease. Below we explore a few of the latest safety technologies:

Wireless Security Systems

These systems will typically require the use of a necklace, bracelet or small device that can be easily pressed in the event of an intruder break in, and also detect falls and send for help in a medical emergency. Adding additional layers of protection – such as an alarm system, floodlights, home monitoring, surveillance cameras and instant access to an operator – can provide an increased sense of security and peace of mind.

Automatic Pill Reminders

This technology provides a scheduled reminder to take medication. These devices use alarms or timers on pillboxes to alert a service to contact you or your family member via telephone, email or pager to take the right medication and dosage at the correct time.

Temperature-Activated Flow Reducer

This clever device attaches to shower heads and faucets. It automatically shuts off the water flow if it reaches an unsafe temperature to prevent scalding.

Big Button Cellphones

These cellphones are designed with features that include extra-loud speakers and only three back-lit buttons: one for 911, another for operator assistance, and the other for a programmed number to connect to a caregiver.

GPS Tracking

Striving for Senior Safety:  Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. is dedicated to the safety of its clients. These latest technologies are not meant to replace the personal one-on-one care that Premier’s home health care aides offer clients. Instead, they can be useful tools that can contribute to overall security.

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