As Aging Today reports, “Those living in multigenerational households admit there are challenges that come with this living arrangement, but most say the benefits outweigh them.” These benefits include the building of strong family connections and getting to share in each other’s joys.

Socialization is key to well-being. Social interaction can improve quality of life and even extend it. Benefits include lower blood pressure and reduced risk of depression, as well as the possible reduction of certain types of diseases.

How can Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. complement a multigenerational home?

Home health care can provide aid while family members are at work and/or school. And, as we discuss in our blog post, Can Home Health Care Improve Your Overall Well-Being?, it’s important to note that, “Not only can playing a significant role in one’s own health care plan be empowering and positive for patients, but the inclusion of a health care aide in the home can help prevent or manage problems that may arise.”

These benefits include observing the home environment and monitoring a patient’s condition. Overnight care and respite care can also give families much-needed assistance.

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