For patients who require round-the-clock care for safety or support following a return from the hospital, live-in care on a short or longer term basis can be an affordable alternative to an extended hospital stay or nursing home. Live-in care can also be a more comfortable option as this offers patients the familiarity of home.

Following surgery, a patient’s mobility can be limited. The need to get out of bed during the night and visit the bathroom can be challenging (and even dangerous) for a patient who is living alone or with family members that are physically unable to help. The support and security of a trained and licensed home health care aide available around the clock offers peace of mind.

For patients with chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, live-in care can provide the reassurance of being in a familiar setting with the security of a well-trained professional. The Alzheimer’s Association position paper, “Respect for Autonomy,” emphasizes empowering patients to make choices about their care and finding the “least-restrictive” solutions, while at the same time addressing their limitation in a particular area.

For patients struggling with Alzheimer’s (and depending on the progression of their condition), live-in care can mean enjoying the reassuring familiarity of home. When choosing to remain at home, patients can feel empowered. This will improve their sense of well-being, along with the support that is needed to make this a safe choice.

The Alzheimer’s Association notes, “A person with Alzheimer’s disease may lack capacities to drive, handle financial affairs, or live independently in the community, but retain the capacity to make competent decisions about place of residence and medical care. The individual can find it distressing to have wishes overridden in areas in which he or she is still competent.”

Most adults report that as they age, they’d prefer to remain at home. In many cases, live-in care can help make that a viable option for longer periods of time.

Live-in home health care aides (along with Premier Home Health Care’s other in-home care options) provide services that include socialization, nutritious meals, health routine maintenance and care management, assistance with getting in and out of bed, as well as bathing and grooming. Could you or a member of your family benefit from live-in care?

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