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Q: My father recently fell in his home, causing us to worry even more about his health. Are there home improvement tips you recommend to help avoid falls in the future?

A: Falls are among leading causes of injury and death among older adults. Falls can not only be a source of stress for caregivers, but can lead to a loss of confidence and independence for older adults, impacting overall outlook and well-being.

A fall can be a sign of a health issue that should be addressed immediately. Poor nutrition, inner ear or vision issues, dehydration and reactions to medications can cause imbalance.

A home health care team from Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. can monitor clients’ overall health, ensure medications are taken properly, and provide proper nutrition and consistent hydration. Changes in a client’s overall health can be addressed and our care management team can help create a plan to ensure optimal health.

Our team can also evaluate the home environment for client safety and make recommendations for modifications that may be needed. Adapting the home environment to avoid falls can be beneficial for not only seniors, but those of any age returning home from a hospital stay.

In our blog post, Checklist: Returning Home from a Hospital Stay, we look at ways to help avoid falls such as:

  • Clearing clutter (including cords and wires).
  • Securing rugs.
  • Ensuring floorboards are flat and even.
  • Keeping the home well-lit, setting up nightlights for middle-of-the-night movement.
  • Arranging sleeping to reduce the need for stair climbing (such as relocating to a downstairs bedroom).
  • Installing items such as non-slip mats in the bathtub and/or shower.
  • Having railings installed in stairways.

Other items that may help include:

  • Secure grab bars in showers and tubs.
  • Ramp(s) added to the home’s entrance(s).
  • Adding a powder room to the first floor of the home.

Another key to avoiding falls is exercise to improve strength and balance. From “Watercize” to range of motion exercises in the home, home health care can help. Our trained team can help manage an exercise plan, coordinate physical therapy visits in the home and provide escort services to exercise programs.

In addition to providing evaluations and helping to manage care that can prevent falls, our team can provide peace of mind to caregivers and clients knowing that someone is in the home to assist with getting in and out of bed, bathroom visits and more to ensure safety. Our services are available not only during the day, but our live-in care team can provide car throughout the night, helping to prevent falls.

To learn more about how Premier Home Health Care can help prevent falls, please call 1-866-648-5119.


Q: My mother suffers from Osteoarthritis and is often times in pain. Can home health care benefit people with this condition?

A: The pain and rigidity from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis and other forms of the condition can be frustrating. According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 50 million Americans have arthritis. It’s the number one cause of disability in the country.

There are a number of treatment options available. We recommend speaking with a physician to explore the options that may work for her. And home health care can certainly be part of the mix and offer help. Services from Premier that can be of assistance to clients with arthritis include, but are not limited to:

  • Our certified services can provide physical therapy and occupational therapy which can improve mobility and increase the ability to accomplish personal care and household tasks in a modified manner that limits pain.
  • Our escort service can help provide transportation when driving is painful or difficult. This service is commonly used to help clients get to and from social activities, medical appointments, and visits to salons or barbers for grooming appointments.
  • Our homemakers/companions can help with light housekeeping, errands and pet care. Meal preparation can also be provided, ensuring healthy meals without the chopping and cleanup! Personal care services provide help with everyday activities that can become difficult, such as dressing, grooming and ambulation.

To learn more about how Premier Home Health Care can help manage arthritis care, please call 1-866-648-5119.


Q: Is Premier hiring? What types of positions do you have open?

A: We are! We have current openings in diverse categories and locations.

Why join the Premier team? Our mission is providing the highest quality of compassionate home health care to our clients and their families. We also provide staffing to nursing homes, assisted living facilities agencies and hospice facilities. Our vision is to redefine the industry, leading the way with advances in specialized training and innovative service delivery models that make use of advanced technology.

Our collaborative team environment brings together amazing people, accomplishing great benefits for our clients. We offer support and training to not only benefit our clients and their families, but help you grow your career.

Open positions are in administration, business development, data analysis, home health aide, IT, nursing and recruitment. Locations where we’re currently hiring include:

  • Connecticut
    • Stanford
  • Illinois
    • Joliet
    • Oak Park
  • Massachusetts
    • Fall River
    • Northborough
  • New Jersey
    • Fort Lee
  • New York
    • Brooklyn
    • Bronx
    • Manhattan
    • Nanuet
    • Queens
    • Riverhead
    • Ronkonkoma
    • White Plains
  • North Carolina
    • Burlington
    • Charlotte

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