Summer means days on the lake or by the sea, pool time, barbecues, and overall fun in the sun. It can also bring excessive heat waves that can pose health challenges, particularly for seniors. An estimated 400 Americans tragically die each year in the hot weather – most being seniors.

Age can impact circulation, causing some seniors to feel cold even in warmer weather. This can lead them to overdress, which poses a greater risk of heat-related illness. Heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic medical conditions can increase the risk, as can certain medications (for example, those that treat high blood pressure and Parkinson’s disease, and diuretics).

At Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc., we train our home health care aides to spot heat-related conditions, such as dehydration, overheating and heat stroke, and prepare them to take the necessary precautions and steps to ensure our clients can enjoy all that summer has to offer.


Signs of Overheating to Watch For

  • Feeling dizzy and/or faint
  • Experiencing a headache and/or muscle cramps
  • Feeling fatigue
  • Experiencing nausea
  • Feeling cold and clammy
  • Experiencing a rapid heartbeat and/or difficulty breathing


Premier’s home health care professionals can help ensure our clients’ homes are properly cooled and ventilated with air-conditioning and fans, as well as help make sure they’re dressed appropriately for the weather. Our team can also assist with reminders about wearing hats and sunglasses and in the application of sunscreen. Our clients’ condition can be monitored to ensure safety throughout the day, whether outdoors or inside the home.


Tips for Beating the Heat

  • Staying Cool Indoors: Plan activities that take advantage of air-conditioning, such as movies, walks around indoor malls with friends, attending activities at the local library or senior center and local museums.
  • Staying Hydrated: Bring water bottles and cool, light foods like fruit salad. Fruit salad is also hydrating, and adding banana slices can help keep potassium levels up. (Our aides can help with summer meal prep and packing.)
  • Time to Cool Off: Plan activities in the morning or evening as a way to avoid being outside during the height of heat. But when outside, make sure to build in time during the day to rest in the shade or to cool off in the water at the pool or beach.

In addition to monitoring our clients’ conditions and the safety of their home environment during extreme weather conditions, Premier also provides options for an enjoyable, active summer. Our escort services can afford our clients the opportunity to take part in adult day care programs with classes, outings and more to help make the most of the summer season. We can also provide transportation to senior centers and exercise programs, such as “watercize,” a fun choice year-round!

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