Benefits of Awareness Days

National Health Observances – days, weeks or even months dedicated to raising awareness for a variety of health issues – continue to grow in popularity. And with this increased visibility come opportunities to foster understanding of the challenges others face and for us to learn more about how to improve our own health. At Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc., we work with our clients and their families to raise awareness about healthy living with the mission to optimize their overall well-being.

Recent research shows that the longest running national observance day, The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout Day in November, creates a bump in news reporting on the issue of quitting smoking with an average increase of 61%.

News coverage of the importance of quitting smoking sparks conversation, which inspires many to explore ways to give up the habit. The data revealed that Google searches like “help quit smoking” jump about 25% and phone lines dedicated to helping people quit see a 42% boost in calls.

September hosts a number of month-long observances to raise awareness for an array of topics including safety issues, different types of cancer, heart health, and Alzheimer’s.


Heart Health Awareness

Atrial Fibrillation Month this month, for example, brings attention to these life-saving devices. Proper knowledge of how to use them is critical, as is encouraging more facilities to make them available. Premier has trained staff who can operate atrial fibrillation machines and other medical equipment. Be sure to know where these devices are located at the places you visit, and who is trained to use them.

Conversations about atrial fibrillation can also spark dialog about cardiovascular health. Focusing on nutrition, exercise, and healthy living can help people improve their overall heart health. From alternative therapies (such as music, dance, yoga and meditation) for cardiovascular health to exercise plans (like daily walks or watercize), there are many approaches to achieving better health.

September signals autumn is on its way with the fun of apple and pumpkin picking, fall fairs and the beauty of the leaves changing colors. But, so too does this time of year herald falling leaves and the beginning of raking season. Raking is considered a moderate exercise, so it’s important to keep this in mind and exercise caution to enjoy fall safely.

September is also Cholesterol Education Month. This is an opportunity to discuss nutrition and raise awareness about simple ways to improve your diet. Premier Home Health Aides can help run errands, shop for healthier food options, and help prepare delicious and nutritious meals that follow clients’ physician and/or nutritionist’s prescribed meal plans.


Cancer Awareness

Additionally, September is Blood Cancer, Childhood Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, (World) Leukemia and Lymphoma, Pediatric Cancer, National Ovarian Cancer, National Prostate Cancer and Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. The diversity of these observances demonstrates cancer comes in many forms and impacts people of all ages.

These observances start national conversations about treatment options, nutrition and the importance of maintaining medication schedules. These dialogs might help patients and their families connect with support groups and other related resources as well. Clients and their families can also work with their care management team at Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc., who are specially trained to manage care for patients of all ages and with diverse medical needs, to develop beneficial care plans and learn more about available resources.
World Alzheimer’s Month

In addition to national observances, there are some global events that take place as well. World Alzheimer’s Month is an international campaign. Alzheimer’s Disease International notes that the mission of this monthly observance is to “raise awareness and challenge stigma.”

With increased attention on Alzheimer’s around the world, the hope is to increase understanding of the early warning signs. In addition, the hope is to share resources for those facing a diagnosis – from new technologies to alternative therapies, and even brain workouts to help keep their skills sharp.

In addition to aid and support from a team with extensive specialized training in Alzheimer’s care, Premier can also provide transportation to appointments and services that can benefit our clients. Our home health aides can engage with clients in activities like doing puzzles or playing games like chess or checkers and our staff monitors clients’ conditions for any changes on an ongoing basis.

Our goal at Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc., is to raise awareness about health issues and to help improve the lives of our clients. We also strive to provide their families with the tools they need to have informed conversations about health care choices. Our Quick Assessment can help determine if it’s time for home health care and our Starter Guide can help begin discussions about choices. Please call us at 1-866-255-8620 to talk to our care specialists.