A respite (or brief time for rest) can be a helpful break from caregiving responsibilities or emergency coverage when a caregiver is away. With the help of respite care providers, such as Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc., those who care for a spouse, parent, friend or relative can enjoy much-needed time for relaxation, have time to see friends, or the comfort of knowing there’s quality care when they have to be away.

Respite care can also provide caregivers with an overnight break to get a full night’s sleep. With overnight care coverage, patients can have help with trips to the bathroom and other assistance to ensure their comfort.

Travel for business, a vacation, or unexpected out-of-town travel can be stressful for caregivers who worry about their love one at home. But with professional respite care, clients are monitored, healthy meals are prepared, and assistance is provided in daily tasks, ensuring safety and comfort.

Respite care is beneficial for staving off “caregiver burnout.” It’s critical, both for those who give care and patients alike, to achieve a healthy balance.

Respite care offers relief not only to caregivers, but to patients as well. As MDA/ALS News Magazine noted, patients can sometimes feel sad or concerned that they may be a “burden” to their friends or family. A chance to enjoy seeing their caregivers recharge can be a boost to patients’ overall well being.

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