In Asheville we are blessed with several service lines.  Everything from Medicaid funded programs, two community grant programs, VA referrals and an array of Private Pay.  We strive to make a difference in all of our client’s lives no matter their payer.

Mr. Wykle is one of our clients who was in serious need of some help. He had been a transfer from another agency and had been difficult to staff due to the location and the home conditions.  At first we were not successful in finding a care giver that would get in there, roll their sleeves up, and put in the effort to make his living conditions better. He was in dire need of some support services and adaptations to his home environment.  Living alone in a home that was not handicap equipped, it was difficult for him to prepare meals, bathe, and ambulate safely.  The resources from his assistance program were limited, but we were up for the challenge.

And along came Connie………

When Connie applied for a PCA position with us she was a retired professional who stated that she was at the point in her life to which she would like to “give back” and make a difference in some one’s life.

Connie accepted Mr. Wykle’s case and has striven from day one to help improve his quality of life.  She came into his household and seized the opportunity to make a difference in his life.  She was able to connect with this client and somehow overlook all of the obstacles in the environment and see Mr. Wykle as James, and has made it her mission to improve his life.  She has sometimes worked 7 days a week to insure that her client has everything he needs.

The Asheville team, working alongside other community resources, has been able to increase the service hours for Mr. Wykle from 18.25 hours a week to 41 hours per week.  We have also been able to advocate for a completely new handicap accessible bathroom and shower area for Mr. Wykle’s home.

Mr. Wykle now has a solid support team of aides, office staff and community resources who help him thrive in his home environment.

Few people get to experience firsthand how much they can impact a person’s life. It’s people like Connie who come around and remind us what we are truly here for.  We are so lucky that Connie chose Premier to make a difference.  For that, we along with Mr. Wykle, are very thankful.

– The Asheville, NC team