The Premier Asian division specializes in Chinese and Korean speaking home attendance services. We built a passionate, caring and professional team inclusive of Registered Nurses, coordinators and licensed Home Health Aides to serve our patients’ needs. Providing our clients with the right care to improve their well-being is one of the main goals our division is consistently pursuing.

We put in every effort to be able to provide the right, high quality care for our clients.  Our client Yinyong Lin is a perfect example. She is an 88 year old Asian woman who only speaks one of the Chinese dialects of Cantonese and lives alone in a senior apartment. At the time she came to our agency in 2017, her doctor said that she was showing signs of depression and that she expressed feelings of loneliness and isolation. She used to stay at home alone all day due to her health conditions and language limitations. She has Type II Diabetes and severe osteoporosis that cause weakness in her lower extremities – ambulating with a cane indoors and using a wheelchair outdoors.

Based on her needs, we matched her with our Cantonese speaking home health aide, Lisa, who is patient, optimistic and well trained. Thanks to the unique OAR training program designed by Premier, Lisa monitors her patient’s blood sugar level very closely every day by using the 3 step technique: observe, ask and report. Lisa also encourages Ms. Lin to express her feelings, assuring her that she is there to listen and help. This makes a big difference in Ms. Lin’s life – smiles started to reappear on her face and she’s now more willing to enjoy the sunshine or take a walk in the park!   Some may consider what Lisa does for her patient as nothing particularly special, but it’s the right type of care that Ms. Lin needs, and that is what’s most important! Her doctor confirmed that she is happier now with barely any signs of depression!

So, providing the right type of care really matters to our seniors. They want someone who speaks their mother tongue, shares the same culture and offers the opportunity to socialize. That is a special thing that Premier can offer to your loved one – we treat your loved ones like our own family in a professional and respectful way.