As our loved ones age, they may begin to face memory loss, onset of chronic diseases, frailty and/or lose their independence over time. The most basic everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, getting dressed or bathing can become increasingly difficult. Home health care services are designed to help an older adult maintain their safety and well-being, while also preserving their independence in the comforts of their own home and community.

The below list includes the 10 most common warning signs indicating there may be a need for more help. These signs will help guide your decision about whether it’s time to start the conversation.

  1. Messy Appearance: Trouble maintaining basic personal hygiene (ie: poor body odor and/or a messy appearance).
  2. Forgetfulness: General forgetfulness such as forgetting names and places or misplacing things.
  3. Missed Medication: Skipping or overtaking medication(s) indicates the onset of forgetfulness and in the case of prescriptions, poses serious health concerns.
  4. Spoiled Food: This indicates lack of eating, unhealthy diet and/or trouble remembering to grocery shop.
  5. Difficulty Sitting or Standing: Growing old can often come with difficulty while standing up, sitting down and/or walking up or down the stairs which can lead to unexpected falls.
  6. Frequent Falls: Unexpected and frequent falls are a warning signs indicating loss of balance.
  7. Mood Swings: Frequent mood swings or sudden changes in temper can be signs of cognitive issues.
  8. Missed Appointments: Forgetting tasks or missing appointments can indicate loss of memory, forgetfulness and/or problems with time coordination.
  9. Scratches, Dents or Unpaid Tickets: Frequent scratches and dents or a pile of unpaid traffic tickets are indicative of difficulty driving – perhaps it could be time to give up the car keys.
  10. Lack of Home Maintenance: If your parents haven’t mowed the lawn or swept the floor recently, this can indicate a lack of strength or lack of desire.

If any of these warning signs apply to your loved one, don’t worry – we are here to help! Premier has helped thousands of families just like yours navigate the difficulties of aging. We make sure to understand each family’s needs and then create a personalized care plan to ensure safe and reliable care of their loved one. Each client has different needs and we cater to those preferences by offering different levels of assistance to meet their needs and help them live well at home!

Give us a call today at 866-720-0124, and our specialty care coordinators can discuss how we can help you ensure your loved one is able to remain safe in the comfort of their own home!