How do you recognize an aide that does everything and more for you?  That is the question our patient, Ms. Scallazzi asked me. She proceeded to tell me her story.

“Since 2013 I have been a client with Premier and my aide Sarah is more than exceptional.  She is loving, supportive, and the only family I have.  On a daily basis, she keeps me on my scheduled routine and adjusts when she realizes I am not myself.  It is a relief to know that I have an aide that I can trust and depend on considering I’ve been through a lot.  It’s not easy living this life alone but she has given me joy, peace of mind, strength, laughs at all of my jokes, and even ignores my weird behaviors when I’m talking to the walls, books, and chairs which is part of my comedy.  She always gives me birthday cards which I love and during the holidays I make it my business to share a special gift with her and all of the office staff at Premier.  I always say when people are good to me I’m 10 times better to them.”

– Fort Lee Branch