A Condensed Guide of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, commonly referred to as CDPAP, is a Medicaid funded statewide program in which the Consumer or a Designated Representative (DR) for the Consumer (if the client is not self-directing), directs the care in which they receive.  The Consumer can literally assign whomever they choose (with just a few exceptions) to become their Personal Assistant, and collaborates with their health plan to create a care plan within the home for the Personal Assistant to follow.  The Personal Assistant does not need any certification or training.  The responsibility of supervision and training falls upon the Consumer or DR.  This is especially appealing to many families who want the people closest to the Consumer to be the ones caring for their loved one- rather than have a potential stranger assigned by an agency, in their home.  In many cases, a loved one is already caring for a family member- so in this program, the family member can opt into becoming the Personal Assistant and get paid for doing so.

Who Benefits from CDPAP?

  1. First and foremost- the Consumer! The Consumer is empowered, and provided the independence to choose their own Personal Assistant-this could be a family member, neighbor, friend. There are only a few exceptions to who can be a Consumer’s Personal Assistant.  And the Consumer doesn’t pay for anything out of pocket!
  2. The Consumer’s family! In this program, family can enroll to become the Personal Assistant and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that someone they trust is caring for their loved on.
  3. The Personal Assistant! Quite frequently, family is already providing care to their loved one.  If a family member chooses to become the Consumer’s Personal Assistant, they will be compensated for their care, compassion, and hard work.  Wages at Premier are competitive, and Personal Assistants earn union benefits, vacation pay, and health benefits.
  4. The Community! Happy Consumers + Happy Personal Assistants exude positivity throughout the community!

Who is Eligible for CDPAP?

  • Consumer must be Medicaid Eligible and either be self-directing or have a Designated Representative to direct the services.
  • Consumer’s physician must complete an M11Q form to provide to the MLTC stating that long-term homecare is necessary for the Consumer.

Think CDPAP may be right for you?  Premier is an established Fiscal Intermediary with over 25 years of homecare experience across 7 states, and is here to help!


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