According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics– by 2026, there will be 4 million new job opportunities in the Healthcare industry alone.  With more and more families opting to keep their loved ones at home throughout their family members’ golden years, as opposed to choosing a nursing home, there will be a significant spike in the need for caregivers.  Specifically, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) will need Personal Assistants to care for Medicaid Beneficiaries choosing this model of care over the traditional home care model.

Why consider being a Personal Assistant as your next profession?  For starters, the flexibility of schedule, competitive wages, the (almost) immediate enrollment process, and the ability to work with someone who has hand-picked you to care for them during their most vulnerable years.

The scope of who can become a Personal Assistant for a Consumer is so broad.  The opportunities are endless:

  • A grandmother can assign her granddaughter to be her Personal Assistant.
  • Your mother can appoint her kind and compassionate neighbor to be her Personal Assistant.
  • Students enrolled in college with healthcare majors often become PA’s for supplemental income, and to use as a stepping stone into a career as a nurse or a doctor.
  • Retirees may find Personal Assistant opportunities within their community centers and religious centers.
  • New mothers entering back into the workforce love the Personal Assistant option because of the expedited onboarding process. In most cases, you can literally start working within one week!

Think that a career as a Personal Assistant may be right for you? Follow these simple steps to join this compassionate community of caregivers.

6 Simple Steps

  • Find a Medicaid Beneficiary eligible for CDPAP services (Consumer) who requires homecare assistance.
  • Assist the Consumer in appointing you as their Personal Assistant, to their Fiscal Intermediary (FI).
  • Fill out the FI’s application, Form I-9, and authorization for background check.
  • Provide the FI your physical completed by your doctor within 1 year, along with a simple Health Assessment.
  • Provide the FI your PPD results and vaccination information.
  • Attend FI Orientation and sign agreements.


Premier is an established Fiscal Intermediary with over 25 years of providing exceptional homecare services across 7 states.  To learn more about our mission, click here.

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