Meet Austin Whitley – our 24 year old patient who, with with the help of his aide Evelyn Wolfe, is full of perseverance and just a true inspiration.

A year and a half ago Austin lost his mother who was his primary caregiver for all of his life. He continues to live in his mother’s home with his aunt. Evelyn has been a rock for Austin and his aunt during this difficult time, helping them both adapt to life without the support and dependence of his mother. Her presence and support each day has motivated Austin to be even more independent and self assured. Evelyn states that Austin is very intelligent and she has encouraged him to go back to school. Austin is in the process of enrolling at Guildford Technical Community College in Jamestown, NC with the hope of receiving a degree in Communication and becoming a Motivational Speaker.

Good luck, Austin! We’re all rooting for you!

– High Point Branch