Did you know that there are substantial changes coming to NYS CDPAP in the next 6 weeks?  Effective September 1st, 2019, Consumer Directed Fiscal Intermediaries will be reimbursed by New York State using a Per Member Per Month (PMPM) reimbursement structure.  This directive is due to $150 million of Federal and State budget cuts.

What this means for you, the Consumer: if you are currently enrolled in a Fiscal Intermediary (FI) receiving CDPAP services, it is likely that your FI hasn’t been exposed to, and doesn’t have experience with the soon to be implemented PMPM reimbursement model.  This may result in your FI closing their doors and advising you to switch to a new FI.  Premier, an established Home Care Agency and FI doing business throughout many states for over 25 years, is unique in that fact that we have years of PMPM experience – and this reimbursement model is actually what we thrive best working within.

If you turn on your local news station or enter a simple Google search for ‘CDPAP’, you will hear and see a frenzy of caregivers, Consumers, family members, and FI’s lobbying for the reimbursement to be reverted back to Fee for Service (FFS).  This is because other FI’s can’t calculate  how to provide the necessary payroll processing, benefit completion, and enrollment support services to the Personal Assistants and Consumers while working within a new PMPM model.  Through years of PMPM experience, we have streamlined our administrative costs to ensure that we utilize state funded dollars wisely and efficiently, to ensure that our Consumers and Personal Assistants are the ones who continue to reap the benefits of the CDPAP.

If you or your loved one find yourself a potentially without services because of your FI ceasing operations, you can be reassured that Premier has historically, and continues to be, one step ahead of the Healthcare Industry curve.  Our focus is on your needs as the Consumer and the employer of the Personal Assistant.

To empower you to be the Director of your own services through the CDPAP, Premier:

  • Is preparing to provide CDPAP services to all 62 counties throughout New York State.
  • Is affiliated with the 1199 SEIU (to ensure your Personal Assistant receives union Health, Pension, and Education benefits and wages).
  • Is culturally diverse, fluent in many languages!
  • Is technologically advanced with:
    1) Our online applications and enrollment process- fast and easy!
    2) The Federally required Electronic Visit Verification and real time data collection (to increase quality of care and decrease preventable hospital visits so that you can remain receiving your care in the privacy of your own home)
    3) Embarking in the coming weeks in a progressive online platform that will enable you, the Consumer, to screen, vet, and hand pick the Personal Assistant of your dreams- all from the ease and convenience of your computer or smart phone.

We are excited to offer this to our community- and will be providing continuous updates on our online media platforms on how we can better enable you to employ your independence through CDPAS.  If you haven’t started following us already on Facebook, Linked-In, and our website blog, we recommend you begin soon, so that you too, can be ahead of the Healthcare Industry changes and be prepared for what’s next.