“We help because that is what you are supposed to do.”

Jennifer Denson is a funny, witty and straight talking care coordinator. She is one to go above and beyond the outlined requirements of her job description. She has been a care coordinator for 8 years and since graduating from Chicago State University in 2014 she has been a servant to the people. Today I highlight Jennifer Denson for her community service outside of the office and in the homes of our participants. Jennifer, has taken participants to the grocery store when there is no one else to take them, she has offered to assist in unpacking boxes for participants with limited mobility and she is a helping hand to so many. However, there is a very special participant that I would like to highlight in conjunction with Jennifer Denson; Ms. Clara Dismukes.

Ms. Dismukes loves children and raised 7 children who are leaders and loves to be of service to others. She has been an active participant since October 2017 and she and Jennifer have teamed up to provide incontinence supplies to seniors and community member who cannot afford them. She provides Jennifer with extra incontinence supplies to pass out to participants in need. Ms. Dismukes’s likes to talk but she stated that “there is often times no one else to talk to after the home care aide is gone for the day.” When asked why she connected so well with Jennifer, she stated  “I love Jennifer’s attitude and I enjoy making others laugh.” As a retired senior Ms. Dismukes was looking to help others using her two mottos:

Be of service to people and help one another no matter what it is.”


“If I have something to give, I will always give.”

Jennifer encouraged her to do what she can, when she can. So she shared her extras with the community and her servant leadership. Jennifer shows these same qualities and adds a heap of something special to true care coordination.

Thank you Jennifer & Ms. Dismukes!

– Chicago Care Coordination Unit