The Wappinger Falls location provided services for a lovely couple, a husband and a wife in Dutchess County.  They both came aboard at different times under the contract, Office of the Aging and later on both converted to private pay for additional coverage.  Mrs. Callie York’s services began in June 2013 and Mr. John York’s services began on October 2014. Their daughter Marie decided that the clients needed more care and requested for additional days and hours, increasing services to 7 days/24 hours, around the clock care.

As Mrs. York’s illness became more severe and it was evident that she needed more care, she moved into the Wingate at Beacon. Even though we no longer serviced Mrs. York, Mr. York still remained at their home with our personal care services.

One night in December in 2018, Mr. York was attempting to go to bathroom on his own and before the aide could stop him from getting up on his own, he fell. The aide followed policy and procedure and called 911 for the patient. The client was picked up from the floor and 911 felt there was no need for him to be taken to the Emergency Room due to no visible injuries and there was no compliant of pain.  The client’s daughter came to visit within days of the fall and decided to call 911 again for her dad. The client was admitted to Vassar Brothers Hospital for Pneumonia and lumbar fracture. At this time, he was in need of more care and was transferred to the Wingate in Beacon Nursing Home with his wife.

Mr. York still received our services while at the nursing home and did so until the day he passed. The client passed on February 11, 2019. He was surrounded by his family and our Premier aide. We at Premier all felt very sad and heartbroken that he had passed, as he had grown to be part of our Premier family. The daughter thanked us for all the help we provided to her and her dad.

We saw Mr. John York’s obituary and Premier was thanked for the services provided in the obituary, stating “The family is grateful for the wonderful care John received. His caregivers from Premier Home Health Care were truly angels providing for his every need. They offered valuable expertise and compassion to not only to John but his family.”

A few months later, we saw that Mrs. Callie York passed on June 10, 2019. Mrs. York obituary stated: “The family is so grateful for the wonderful care Marie received. Her care givers from Premier Home Health Care provided her with every need.”

Clients are not just clients for us, they become part of the Premier Family.

“It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts” – Mother Teresa.