After a long hot summer, it’s always so refreshing to breathe the crisp fall air and take in the beauty of the leaves changing colors.

To help you get in the spirit of the new season, we’ve put together a list of 6 festive fall activities that you can enjoy with your elderly loved one. Check them out below!

  1. Fall Crafts

Making deocrations and fall crafts is a fun way to get into the season change and the holidays! I also help to relax, unwind, get creative and release any stress. Here are the links to a few of our favorites!

No-sew toilet paper pumpkins

No-sew sock turkey

Leaf Wreath


  1. Fall Baking

Measuring, mixing, baking, smelling and tasting fall baked treats is a sure way to get in the fall spirit! It’s easy for your elderly loved one to partake, just be sure to practice proper safety precautions by the stove!

Here are some of our favorite, delicious and easy to make fall baked treats!

Easy Apple Crisp

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Apple Cider Donuts


  1. Halloween Prep!

Whether you are planning to hand out treats to the community, decorate the house or make your own costume – your elderly loved one would probably love to get involved!Consider using some of the fall crafts above to decorate around the house. Pinterest has a ton of other great décor ideas! Decorating your treats is a fun extra step too – just always be sure to hand out treats that are pre-sealed! Here are some ideas:

Lollipop Ghosts

Balloon Piñata Pumpkin

Mummy Juice Box


  1. Fall Themed Coloring

Coloring is not only an activity that anyone can enjoy, it is also highly recommended as a stress relieving activity! You can find tons of free, fall themed coloring sheets online if you do not have a coloring book at home. Here are a few links to try:

Beautiful Fall Coloring Pages

Crayola Fall Downloadable Sheets


  1. Enjoying the Outdoors!

Fall is the most wonderful time of year to enjoy nature with your elderly loved one! The temperature is just right, not too hot and not too cold. But be sure to still bundle up or wear sunscreen, depending on the day – Fall can have a mixture of weather! Regardless, it’s a beautiful time of year to breathe the fresh air and admire the scenery of the leaves changing colors. Also be sure to evaluate the different activity levels that your loved one will be up for – the outdoors can be enjoyed at a variety of activity levels whether you’re sitting on the back porch or taking a gentle walk through the park.

Check out our Blog Get Back to Nature for some more ideas!