Arts and crafts are a great way to seniors to get involved in the holiday spirit with their friends and family! And a BONUS – creative activities have been proven to promote good health and well being for those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s by stimulating curiosity, encouraging expression and confirming dignity and purpose.

Often times, when doing crafts with little ones or elderly ones, it’s safer to decorate without sharp tools. Here are some fun ways to decorate a pumpkin besides the traditional carving with a knife! Just click on the design idea for more details!


  1. Cookie Cutters – Safer than a knife but still allows you to do the traditional “carving”


  1. Paint – who doesn’t love to paint? Any type of paint should dry nicely to the skin of a pumpkin, just be sure to give ample drying time between layers!


  1. Glow in the Dark: a little added twist to the traditional paint – buy glow in the dark paint!


  1. Glitter: a little modge podge, glue or spray adhesive with a fun array of colored glitter can go a long way! Have fun with the design of the glue before adding the glitter!


  1. Stickers – you can use any ol’ stickers you have (though some may stick better than others) or you can buy kits that create faces!


  1. Duct Tape – there are so many design options for duct tape these days. Find some fall inspired design and cover your pumpkin!


  1. Decoupage – if you love a good decoupage, you’ve got to try one on a pumpkin!


  1. Fabric – have a ton of fabric scraps from your last fall project? Use those in a fun overlay pattern with a little spray adhesive or modge podge.


  1. Vinyl stickers – the newest trend is DIY vinyl stickers or buy them pre-cut (esty has a great selection!) You can create quotes, pumpkin faces other animals or your favorite super hero!


  1. Sharpie Markers – they work great on the pumpkin skin and come in all different colors!


  1. Bling it out! – a crafty pumpkin with any treasures (googly eyes, gems, beads, etc) glued to it would be fun!


  1. Drill – *supervision required* but this can make some cool designs with a candle inside!