Let’s bust some myths about CDPAP:

  • CDPAP can be used together with OPWDD programs like Self Direction, Community Habilitation, etc.
  • CDPAP does not use any of the Self Direction budget. CDPAP funding is completely separate from OPWDD.
  • CDPAP Consumers don’t need to have severe medical needs in order to be eligible for CDPAP. Instrumental activities of daily living like essential errands, cleaning, and laundry are examples of tasks covered in CDPAP.
  • This program is not for supervising or monitoring of the Consumer. CDPAP is a task based program.
  • There is no minimum age or maximum age for a Consumer to be eligible for CDPAP.
  • The Consumers health proxy is permitted to be the Personal Assistant.

If you have any questions about CDPAP feel free to contact our team of professionals at 866-720-0124!