Our Home Health Aide from the Stamford, CT branch office, Ms. Janice Alexander, was awarded the January 2020 Exceptional Employee Award for always going above and beyond for both her co-workers and patients. Read on for her most recent act of professional kindness.

Janice’s co-worker was having difficulty providing personal care to the client because she was not cooperating that day. Instead of documenting “refused” she thought about who she could call for help.

It is well known amongst our team that Janice has exceptional rapport with her clients and can gain cooperation, even in the most challenging situations. Janice is also always willing to help her coworkers. With this client in particular, Janice is one of the few people in her life, able to motivate her to keep moving to maintain her mobility. Moving is difficult for her and Janice is her champion “coach”.

After receiving the call, Janice went straight to the client’s house and was able to diffuse the situation and help her co-worker gain co-operation so she could provide personal care to the client. As we know when it comes to care giving, our clients have good days and bad days. Having just the right approach as well as developing trusting relationships can really make a difference. Besides her excellent home health aide skills, Janice is able to find a way into everyone’s heart including client, co-worker, and family members.

Thank you Janice for your devotion,  loyalty, and care.

– Stamford Branch Office