As Colin Powell once stated, ‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation’.

Being prepared for a doctor’s appointment will help patients make the most of their often brief doctor’s appointments which will in the long run help doctors identify symptoms that need further medical attention. The goal is to keep consumers healthy and to continue receiving care at the comfort of their home. 

Below are a few ways caregivers can assist their loved ones in preparing for and optimizing their doctor’s appointments:

1. Reliable Transportation:

Not having a secure means of transportation ahead of the Consumer’s appointment can cause the Consumer and the caregiver to become stressed and nervous-as now you are working against the clock to get to the appointment.  Having a reliable source of transportation will help the consumer be on time for his/her appointment. Missed appointments can sometimes take weeks to reschedule if doctor’s offices are fully booked which can delay care for the consumer

2. A List of Important Medical Documents

Caregivers: sit with your Consumer or your Consumer’s Designated Representative to go over and write down any symptoms the patient might be experiencing in order to review them with the Consumer’s doctor. List all the current medications the Consumer is taking in case the Consumer has been seeing multiple doctors who have prescribed different medications. Listing all of the Consumer’s medications will help avoid harmful drug interactions.

3. Questions

Discuss with your consumer and write down any questions or concerns they might have for their doctor. Attending medical appointments can be overwhelming for many consumers, to the point that they may forget to ask any questions at the doctor’s office.  The aim is to maximize the consumer appointments and have them leave the doctor’s office feeling calm, content and with more knowledge about their current medical status.