School and daycare closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak mean millions of parents who have grown accustomed to sending their children to traditional schools are now faced with the task of educating them at home. And for many of us, that must happen simultaneously while working and trying to keep our home environment safe from the spread of the coronavirus. And if kids are having trouble adjusting well to the learning at home environment, it makes the situation that much more stressful.

The goods news? Many of us are in the same boat so lean on your family, friends and co-workers for virtual help, support or advice. And allow yourself to accept that not one size fits all when trying to make this new normal work for your family.

Consider all the advice and find what works for you. Below are some ways to incorporate basic life lessons in addition to more structured, healthy screen time suggestions.


Fun Ideas for Learning with Everyday Tasks

Turn your TV on mute and put on the subtitles – now they are reading!

Help cook dinner – measuring is math!

Start a journal – kids will remember this wild time and they’ll be practicing their writing and/or drawing skills

Workout together

Laundry! Sort by color, sort by type, match up socks

Scavenger Hunts

Take a Drive – even if it’s to nowhere, just to get out – teach them rules of the road: signs, stop lights, landmarks, et.

Obstacle courses: encourages strategic thinking and problem solving while promoting physical movement

Have baking soda and vinegar in the cabinet? Have food die and water? Then you have science experiments!

Create thank you cards for front line healthcare workers – show them how to address an envelope and send.

Learning Fun with Structure

Looking for something a little more structured or a healthier screen time activity? Check out the below:

Circle Time with Monica J Sutton

Cosmic Kids Yoga with Jaime

Science Experiments for Kids with Ryan

ABC Mouse