The Value of the Specialty-Trained Aide:  

Premier takes great pride in our workforce and in the services they provide to our seniors and individuals living with disabilities. Home Health Aides are an essential element to the health care system and are vital to delivering continuity of care for members. Our aides are given specialty training with a targeted approach on quality incentive measures, potentially avoidable hospitalization (PAH), the Social Determinants of Health and behavioral health as it relates to Chronic Disease management. By utilizing the Premier designed Chrome tablet technology to transmit member specific real-time data, we are able to put timely interventions in place to improve the member’s health and wellness outcomes. These interventions can help to reduce hospitalizations/readmissions, while keeping our most vulnerable community members safe in their homes.

The Importance of the Home Health Aides during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Home Health Aides are:

  • Providing compassionate care and support to the most vulnerable population
  • Providing in-home care to members who have shown signs/symptoms and are pending testing/or have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Providing care to members who are post hospital discharge and were COVID-19 positive but are no longer showing signs or symptoms  
  • Assisting with their essential activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) allowing them to remain independent in the community
  • Delivering care in the members home so that they can shelter in place safely
  • Ensuring access to nutritional foods and shelf stable meals
  • Providing personal care, sanitation, disinfectant, and personal medical care supplies
  • Assisting with pharmacy medication pickups and making sure members are following their medication adherence 

The Premier Way:

Before, during and after COVID-19, Premier will continue putting the member’s health and wellness first. We stand behind our highly trained workforce and our proven service delivery model that demonstrates the value of home care. Our goal is to provide the best-enhanced care coordination with targeted interventions to improve the member’s health outcomes and ultimately reducing the total cost of care.

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