You’ve probably heard these terms and acronyms floating around when trying to learn about CDPAP and the changes ahead. We’re here to explain what it all means, how it may affect you and what you should be sure to do to be prepared!

In these next coming months the New York State Department of Health will award a few select CDPAP Fiscal Intermediaries following the evaluation of submitted Request for Offers (RFO). These few Fiscal Intermediaries that are selected will be the only entities in New York State that are permitted to provide CDPAP services. It is likely that during this review process the Department of Health may consolidate the amount of Fiscal Intermediaries, requiring many Consumers to choose a new one. It is important that all Consumers are aware that there are transfer rights by law (Social Services Law § 365) if their Fiscal Intermediary ceases operations or will no longer serve the Consumers area, which include:

  1. The previous Fiscal Intermediary shall provide 45 day written notice to the Consumer in advance before ceasing operations.
  2. The local social services district or managed care plan shall give a list to the Consumer of Fiscal Intermediaries to choose from.
  3. The previous FI shall not take any action that would prevent a personal assistant from moving to a new fiscal intermediary of the Consumers choice, nor require the consumer or personal assistant to switch to personal care of home health care program outside of CDPAP.
  4. Upon request and consent, the previous FI shall transfer all records relating to the individual health and care authorizations, and personnel documents to the fiscal intermediary.
  5. The local social services district or managed care plan is responsible for supervising the transition.

Knowing your rights is important, especially during times of change. When transferring from one Fiscal Intermediary to another it is vital that it is done swiftly and carefully, with the goal to avoid any lapse in service. The Consumer should be sure to:

  1. Stay in contact with his or her social services district or managed care plan case manager during the transition process.
  2. Be actively involved in researching and choosing their next FI
  3. Ask questions and discuss employment compensation and benefits options from with their personal assistants

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