In traditional home care, the home care agencies are responsible for directing and managing the care. The recruiting, hiring, training, and scheduling of the caregivers is done by the agency. The patient has minimal choice in directing their care.  

In the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) the Consumers have complete control over their own care. The screening, hiring, scheduling, and managing of personal assistants is done by the Consumer who are enrolled with an established Fiscal Intermediary. A CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary is responsible for:

  1. Payroll and benefit processing
  2. Ensuring all pre-employment requirements are met before a personal assistant begins work
  3. Maintaining required records and documentation
  4. Monitoring the Consumer’s ability to direct their own care, and assisting them with doing so

When enrolling in CDPAP, the Consumer can decide which Fiscal Intermediary they would like to use. Once enrolled, the Consumer also has control and the right to switch from one Fiscal Intermediary to the next. When determining what Fiscal Intermediary to switch to, it first helps to understand the company’s role in your care.

Why would a Consumer switch from one Fiscal Intermediary to another?

There are many reasons, but some of the major reasons may be to receive better benefits for the personal assistants, to work with friendlier and competent staff, to experience an easy and streamlined enrollment process for personal assistants and Consumers, etc.

When a Consumer is deciding to switch to another Fiscal Intermediary be sure to remember these two points to prevent any lapse in service:

  1. Before deciding on which Fiscal Intermediary to choose, make sure the new Fiscal Intermediary is contracted or able to obtain a single contract with your health plan or social services county.
  2. Before the Consumer switched from one Fiscal Intermediary to another make sure that the personal assistant and Consumer filled out all appropriate forms with the new Fiscal Intermediary, or else services cannot start.

If you have any questions on what a Fiscal Intermediary is responsible for, and how to switch or enroll into a Fiscal Intermediary feel free to contact us!